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South America: Brazil 1

Mike and Dawn Jewell

In Tatuí, Mike and Dawn Jewell had the joy of seeing a new believer, Dona Elzira grow in faith. Divorced and newly retired, she slipped into depression. But she found Christ after she was invited to church by neighbors. The Jewells took their church’s teens to visit a Guarani Indian tribe, where they shared Bible stories with the children.

Evandro and Erica da Silva

In Quatro Bocas, Luciene accepted Christ on her deathbed. She told her family that her new pastor, missionary Evandro da Silva, was to conduct the funeral instead of the priest. Erica da Silva checked on church members during the pandemic. Church people provided food baskets for unsaved families.

The da Silvas hosted a couples’ dinner, a significant breakthrough. Few couples were married when the da Silvas started their church. Erica’s mother, retired missionary Gayle McLain, taught a women’s class at the local seminary.

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