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After retiring, missionaries, pastors and wives, and other Christian servants can find themselves with limited income. Affordable housing may be their biggest challenge. For 60 years, Baptist Mid-Missions has offered a solution. Nestled in the lush forested foothills of Missouri’s Ozark mountains, Missionary Acres provides a haven for retired Christian servants.

The dedicated staff of Missionary Acres firmly believes that those who have poured out their lives for others should be amply cared for in their older years. Nearly 30 residents live in single-family homes and duplexes on the property’s 63 acres, and 25 additional lots can be developed.

Southeast Missouri, where Missionary Acres is situated, has less congestion, noise, pollution, and crime than most areas of the US. It is a place of clean air and water, offering an ideal retirement setting. The cost of living is also lower than in most areas. This enables Missionary Acres to provide quality housing affordable enough for retirees living on very minimal finances. In the family atmosphere of Missionary Acres, residents enjoy complete freedom to come and go as they please. Retired servants find many opportunities to serve at the on-site church or at other local churches, and they can serve in nearby communities.

Jim and Becky Storey served nearly 40 years in Jamaica, Scotland, and North America. When asked how Missionary Acres is equipped to meet the unique needs of career Christian workers, Jim replied, “It is cost-efficient. When something breaks, we call the administrator instead of having to call a repairman. If we have a need—especially a health need—there are people here to help us. It’s nice to be surrounded with neighbors who understand the life we’ve led.”

Church mission teams and other volunteers are greatly needed to help with maintenance and construction projects. Contact Missionary Acres’ administrator, Ken Moon, at to find ways you can help.

Visit to learn more about how Missionary Acres meets the needs of retired Christian servants.

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