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Second-Century Frontiers

Remember when you were a kid picturing what life would look like in the distant future? Baptist Mid-Missions’ founders may have done the same thing, wondering what life and ministry would look like 100 years from then. Today, we are living out that future.

One hundred years ago, the new missions frontiers were the middle of continents, where no missionaries had yet reached people with the Gospel—this is how Baptist Mid-Missions got its name. In our second century of ministry, we find missions frontiers shifting to new places.

Today, the majority of unreached people live in the world’s megacities and Creative Access Nations. And a growing trend in any ministry, even apart from the 10/40 Window, is creativity. We saw that last year when missionaries created new ways to minister amid quarantines, travel restrictions, and economic hardships. Even before 2020, our times have challenged missionaries to reach people behind the walls of spiritual indifference or fanaticism, materialism, and the distractions of a digital world.

Explore with us our second-century missions frontiers and read the stories of missionaries boldly stepping up to meet these modern challenges.

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