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Spring 2023

School of Church Planting 2023

When it comes to the Great Commission, the question is not, “What does the Lord want us to do?” He has already answered that question. The question is, “How can we best do it?”

Since 1986, Baptist Mid-Missions’ School of Church Planting has been equipping  pastors, missionaries, and laymen to plant and revitalize churches with excellence.

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The School of Church Planting

A carpenter would be hard-pressed to build a house without a toolbox. The same is true for a church planter of church revitalizer. SCP is their toolbox.

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Back to Life

BMM’s North America Administrator Steve Anderson is on a mission to bring vitality back to North America’s churches.

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Church Planting

Every year, Christianity steadily declines in North America, even as more people who have never heard the gospel immigrate to our shores. Church planting and discipleship are essential those right on our doorsteps.

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