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Winter 2022

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Take Heart!

One of the most prized assurances in all the Bible is Christ’s promise that He will build His church. What pastor, missionary, or deacon hasn’t claimed this promise when a church was facing great adversity? In Matthew 16:18 we are reminded that Christ is the One who builds His church. Missionaries don’t build churches; Jesus Christ does. However, the Lord uses human instruments like missionaries, pastors, and faithful church members to accomplish His work.Perhaps the most astounding truth found in this verse is that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

“Across the globe, Jesus Christ is doing exactly what He promised He would do—building His church!”

All around the world today, gospel messengers are storming the gates of hell with the message of eternal salvation that is found solely in Jesus Christ through His substitutionary death and triumphant resurrection. As people embrace that message through repentant faith, Christ builds His church. When groups of individuals trust Christ, local churches are established and Christ builds His church. When churches evangelize their communities and send others to take the gospel to other places, Christ builds His church. Across the globe, Jesus Christ is doing exactly what He promised He would do—building His church!

Take heart today in the assurance that Jesus is building His church, and enjoy reading about those He is using to fulfill His amazing promise.

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Dr. Patrick Odle

In 2020, Dr. Patrick Odle became Baptist Mid-Missions’ ninth president. He came to his position with 26 years of pastoral experience and eight years as a BMM Council member, along with service as a vice president of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

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