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Winter 2019

President’s View

In this copy of Advance you will see what we refer to as “the year in review.” What has God done through the ministries of Baptist Mid-Missions around the globe in 2019? What a wonderful opportunity to review His goodness and His watchcare over our Mission Family this year. And 2019 has been a wonderful year!

As I rejoice in the victories when I read of the advance of the gospel, I often find myself praying that the Lord would protect the Mission Family. You see, it is my experience that when the gospel advances, the devil does not remain silent. My missionary father often reminded me when I was a young missionary that the devil never sleeps. So I pray for the Family at these times of advancement. I pray that God would protect them physically and spiritually in the battle in which He has chosen for us to contend.

I often pray for their children, some even individually. I remember as a child in Africa that when missionaries would start speaking rather vociferously about other missionaries, my missionary grandfather, Ferd Rosenau, would speak up in a very commanding voice and say, “The children are in the room!” and everyone would go silent. He always thought of the welfare of the children, and perhaps that is what reminds me to pray for the children. You see, they are not exempt in this battle. It is the whole Family that is under attack. I trust that as you read of these wonderful victories in the ministries of BMM around the globe that you will pray for our Mission Family. Pray that God will protect us from “all the fiery darts of the wicked one.”

You will notice the last article of this Advance is entitled “Missionary Milestones.” This is a list of those whom we honored at our 2019 Family Conference for their years of service. Those represented stand for 1755 total years of missionary service. God’s protection is very real. He has given our coworkers 1755 years of protection, for which we are so very grateful. We are ever so honored to serve with these our coworkers for the gospel.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our Family.

Truly by grace alone,


“You see, it is my experience that when the gospel advances, the devil does not remain silent.”

Vernon Rosenau
Rosenau V 2015 web

Vernon Rosenau

After 22 years as a missionary in Central African Republic and 15 years as BMM’s Field Administrator for Africa and Europe, Dr. Vernon Rosenau became Baptist Mid-Missions’ eighth president. He served as president from 2016 to 2020.

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