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Winter 2019

Missionary Milestones 2019

At the 2019 Family Conference, the following missionaries and staff members received awards marking years of service:

20 years

Kathy Armstrong—Home Office

Creative Access Nation missionaries

Tim and Sandy Fink—Bibles International

Dan and Laura Gillette—India

Mike and Sharon Keller—Campus Bible
Fellowship International

Creative Access Nation missionary

25 years

Tim Fry—Home Office

Susie Kallal—North America

Jeff and Judy Traver—Brazil

Stewart and Deborah Cottle—Bibles International

Ken and Sharon Loveall—Peru

Patricia Laase—France

30 years

Randy Laase—France

Barry and Judy Byrne—North America

Jackie Hopkins—North America

Steve and Gayle* King—Ivory Coast

Renate Reiner—Brazil

Tim and Barb Whatley—Peru

Jeff and Linda Brown—Germany

Charles and Gai Jewell—Central African Republic

Ed and Sylvia Christy—France

* Gayle King's award was given posthumously.

35 years

Terry and Jane Carruthers—Brazil

Charles and Nancy Ellis—Home Office

Creative Access Nation missionaries

Joyce Oshiro—Japan

Mark and Linda Willson—Brazil

Allan and Diane Frey—Peru

40 years

Ken and Dawn Houghten—United Kingdom

Mark and Debbie Seymour—Home Office

Jon and Isobel Dygert—United Kingdom

50 years

Bonnie Bixby—France

Lloyd and Marty Larkin—Mormon Focus Ministry Team

Joy Spieth—Brazil

55 years

Jackie Eaton—Bibles International

IR19 Missionary Milestones3
Jackie Eaton receiving her 55-year pin and certificate from Dr. Vernon and Jan Rosenau

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