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Metropolitan Missions: Boston

A globalized cities initiative

Bill and Deb Edmondson received the Lord through BMM campus ministries. This background taught them the importance of reaching people not only at critical junctures of life but also in critical locations. As BMM missionaries, they prayed for how to reach people most effectively. God brought Boston into their sights. They moved there in the 1990s to bring the gospel to international students and scholars studying in this city.

During their years in Boston, God taught them that the academic community is only one part of what makes large cities important places to minister. Cities like Boston have immigrants, tourists, international businesses, and globally connected governments. The Edmondsons found that on any particular day in Boston, they can potentially touch any part of the world.

To leverage this potential, the Edmondsons developed Boston and Beyond, a globalized cities initiative. From the launching pad of International Baptist Church (planted by the Edmondsons and being developed by Toby and Susan Stephens), the Boston and Beyond team of missionaries, interns, and laypeople are initiating evangelistic relationships and Bible studies with people from all parts of the world, some of whom come from countries where missionaries cannot openly serve.

The Boston and Beyond team is challenging their discipled contacts and anyone with a heart for global ministry to offer their lives as living sacrifices by ministering to other globalized cities around the world. This can be done through periodic trips supplemented by online communication, or it can happen through teams relocating as missionaries to these cities.

Relationships built in Boston will continually generate new opportunities to launch additional teams. Boston and Beyond’s plan is to connect each of their discipled contacts with sound churches in their home countries or to start churches capable of ministering the Word of God to their surrounding areas.

Because of current travel restrictions, Boston and Beyond is focusing on existing and new relationships in Boston and on online discipleship with those who have returned to their countries. When restrictions lift, they are poised to accelerate the spread of the gospel globally through this unique ministry.

Boston and Beyond’s five-fold strategy

1. Build the Church

2. Evangelize the Nations

3. Recruit the Workers

4. Target Strategic Cities

5. Launch the Teams

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