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Fall 2022

Class of 2022: Jeff & Mandy Butler

Ministry: Editorial Bautista Independiente

Sending Church: Grace Baptist Church—Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Children: Logan (4), Kinley (2)

Jeff and Mandy’s ministry represents one of missions’ critical frontiers: equipping nationals to continue and expand the ministries started by missionary church planters. Baptist Mid-Missions’ Spanish-publications ministry, Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI), is filling dire needs among national pastors and leaders in Spanish-speaking countries. These nationals are capably leading churches and ministries started by missionaries, but they often lack quality resources to disciple their own people and protect them from the prosperity gospel or other unbiblical teachings. EBI’s Sunday School curricula, men’s and women’s studies, theological textbooks, and other resources provide doctrinally solid training materials to meet these needs.

When EBI’s John and Debbie Poe came to Grace Baptist Church’s 2021 missions conference, the Poes shared EBI’s need for a marketing director to expand the reach of their materials. EBI was also looking ahead to replace a retiring accountant. Jeff and Mandy couldn’t shake the thought that God wanted to use them to meet EBI’s staffing needs.

In Jeff and Mandy’s eight years of marriage, God has led them on a path of training and experience that perfectly equips them for EBI. In college, Mandy considered majoring in Spanish but opted for math. She later worked several jobs dealing with finance. Jeff studied biblical counseling and served as a youth pastor at Grace Baptist Church. He currently works as a real estate marketing director. Jeff and Mandy never sought any of their job changes, but each time an opportunity presented itself, God’s leading was crystal clear. As Jeff and Mandy spoke further with the Poes and EBI’s director Bruce Burkholder, it was obvious that God was leading them to EBI.

A ministry like EBI requires missionaries with well-developed skill sets. Jeff and Mandy are excited that their abilities can be used in a missions setting as they help EBI strategically grow in outreach and effectiveness. “We’re essentially doing our jobs as missions,” the Butlers say. As the missions landscape changes to require more workers with professional skills, the Butlers encourage people to consider these needs in missions. Jeff adds, “Missions is an incredibly important vocation that lacks workers. If God lays something on your heart, live by faith and be open to God’s calling.”

Fall22 Butler PI
Browsing EBI books at a conference in Latin America

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