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Winter 2019

Missionaries Launched

Missionaries who raised their full support and departed for their first term of service in the last 12 months:

November 2018Bibles International missionaries 

JanuaryCreative Access Nations missionaries

JuneRon and Joy Hemsworth (Missionary Acres)

JulyAaron and Emily Thompson (Japan)

Churches Launched

Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil
Igreja Batista Calvário (Calvary Baptist Church)
Missionaries: Chris and Darcy Vergiels, Warren and Lara Vergiels

IR19 Church Launch Brazil

Churches Graduated

Big Lake, Alaska—Independent Baptist Church
Missionaries: Doug and Linda Ferrett
Pastor and wife: The Ferretts will continue in the pastorate, no longer in missionary status.

Bledsoe, Kentucky—Bledsoe Baptist Church (merged with Grace Baptist Church)
Missionaries: Barry and Judy Byrne, Susie Kallal
Pastor and wife: Larry and Cindy Toner

Bronx, New York—Commonwealth Community Baptist Church
Missionaries: Joel and Brooke Grassi
Pastor and wife: The Grassis had served short-term with BMM and will continue in this pastorate.

IR19 Church Grad Bronx

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