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Church Planting in Bangladesh

Despite being one of BMM’s most difficult ministry fields, Bangladesh is one of our most fruitful. After reaching its long-time goal of having a Bangladeshi pastor, Natore Baptist Church has been exceeding its 300-person capacity. The church is adding a second floor to increase total seating to 1,000. Natore Baptist has planted more than 20 daughter churches since it was founded in 1993. Two of these were started in 2019, and two Bible school students are investigating church planting in their hometowns. The Bangladeshi pastor became principal of the Bible school, which is now offering four years of MDiv coursework. Pastors and missionaries from the US and Japan continue to teach block classes.

The hospital ministry, now in its 34th year, added a missionary nurse. After retiring from nursing in Japan, she dedicated her life to missions and received Bible training. She will provide much-needed assistance for the hospital’s enormous patient load. The hospital’s sole missionary doctor sees 400 patients per day and performs 70+ surgeries per week. Our Bangladesh team continues to seek the Lord for additional missionary doctors, nurses, and teachers.

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Inroads into Japanese Lives

Thirty years ago, David and Melody Yoshida faced a dilemma: how to make contacts in Chiba New Town, Japan, a new Tokyo bedroom community. Then a local elementary school PTA leader invited the Yoshidas to teach English to her children. The classes took off and have continued to this day.

Melody has contacts in all of their city’s elementary schools and teaches in one of them using Bible stories and books like The Chronicles of Narnia to teach biblical concepts. The classes have built trust between the Yoshidas and their community. People stop to say hello, saying, “You’re the ones who teach the English classes!” David and Melody began English classes for the children’s parents, but once they understood how the Bible is helpful to their daily life, many adults have asked that they teach just the Bible.

The classes allowed the Yoshidas to invite students to church, and children and adults alike have become Christ-followers. This year, the Yoshidas put up a larger church sign with gifts from their supporting churches. The sign has drawn attention, and some people come to church because of it or drive into their parking lot out of curiosity. The Yoshidas are thankful for the many inroads God has given into the hearts of the Japanese people.

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