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Class of 2020: Elizabeth Davenport

Missions immersion. That’s the environment Elizabeth* grew up in—from her parents’ hosting of missionaries in their home, to her children’s ministry theme song of “Here Am I, Lord, Send Me,” to missionaries’ describing how the Great Commission was everyone’s work. Under these rich influences, Elizabeth saw that missionaries are people like you and me who are committed to trusting the Lord wherever He sends them. By age nine or ten Elizabeth prayed, “Lord, I’m ready to go; please show me a path.”

She felt burdened for a Creative Access Nation and asked her parents if she could learn the language. Her family was not only supportive, but they also learned the language alongside her and began attending a bilingual church to learn the culture. Her family desired to be in full-time ministry, and when they heard about an opportunity to serve in foreign missions, they were ready to go.

“Elizabeth saw that missionaries are people like you and me who are committed to trusting the Lord wherever He sends them.”

So at age 11, Elizabeth found herself immersed even deeper in missions. She was in awe at the gospel’s impact on the garment factory workers her family met. For most of these women, it was their first time hearing that God wanted a personal relationship with them. During communion, they overflowed with gratitude and wept tears of joy as they sang hymns to their newfound Lord.

Although her family’s missionary experience was brief, Elizabeth’s love for the people never left her. It only grew stronger. She has made five trips back to her country.

On her most recent trip, she found endless opportunities for relationship-building. She taught children’s Bible studies using the Wordless Book and engaged in English conversation classes at a university. Some of the most impactful times happened over cups of tea. Elizabeth gently shared the truths of Christ with women. She saw the need for counseling in a culture where abortion is rampant and where ancestor worship is more important than caring for the living.

Elizabeth is ready to go where the Lord leads her to reach the people group of her calling—and she can’t wait to see more people transformed by the power of the gospel.

* Name has been changed.

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