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Class of 2020: Ben & Lauren Holdorf

A journey of trust led Lauren* to her mission field. From age 16, she felt that missions was in her future, but God revealed His plan only one step at a time. Looking back, Lauren understands more of God’s design to teach her to trust Him. 

That trust germinated in Lauren’s childhood through the influences of her family, church, AWANA, and Sunday School. She grew to love God, but her dedication accelerated in her teen years. Lauren began hungering for God’s Word and a closer relationship with Him. In the fertile ground of her heart, God planted an interest for missions. 

When the Lord led her to a nursing program, it was like light on her path. She took the next step in trust. A video on her future mission field during a sociology class caused the region to linger in her mind. Maybe this was the place? She hadn’t known Baptist Mid-Missions had a medical ministry there until BMM’s Medical Director, Dr. Joy Anglea, spoke at her church’s missions conference in 2017. 

It seemed financially impossible to make a trip there, but Lauren kept the idea in her heart, praying and trusting for more light on her path. In the end, God provided the money. Her pastor, BMM Council member Troy Crain, was a big support in arranging the trip. A retired BMM missionary doctor agreed to accompany Lauren. Another help was a missionary nurse on the team, Ben Holdorf. He and Lauren began corresponding to prepare for her trip in 2018. During Lauren’s three week mission trip, Ben was Lauren’s guide as he showed her all aspects of BMM’s hospital ministry. 

Lauren loved the country and felt completely at home there. But how could she be sure God was really calling her back there? As she and Ben continued to correspond, the Lord cast more light on their paths. God wanted them to serve together. They married on May 8, 2020. 

This husband-and-wife nursing team will care for BMM hospital patients as well as teach and disciple Christian men and women. As they continue trusting in God’s leading, they will work to see Christ’s light shine more brightly in their mission field.

* Ben joined BMM earlier. 

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