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Asia: Cambodia and Japan


Michael and Julie Carlyle gathered at the river in Pursat for the baptism of Chrup (center front) after an eight-week Creation to Christ evangelistic series. Chrup is illiterate but listens to hymns and sermons on her battery-powered speaker.

In place of Buddhist holidays, the church holds annual Bible conferences. This gives people an alternative obligation to not be pressured by family to participate in the worship of dead ancestors. Instead, they study the Living Word and praise the Living Creator together. Such times include a fellowship feast.


Joyce Oshiro played the piano while Pastor Nishino (saved as a teenager through his Okinawa church’s ministry) preached to a congregation that worshiped online, starting on Easter Sunday. Two visitors came during an online service! The pastor quickly called a church member who knew them, and she rushed over to welcome them.

In a Creative Access Nation where it was once said a church would never be established, 922 people attended a 2019 Christmas service. In February 2020, our missionaries dedicated a church building addition enabling them to seat 1,000 people. They also celebrated their 1,099th baptism. The missionaries dedicated the 15th daughter church started by the church’s own missionaries, and they started constructing the 16th daughter church on a property donated by a family that is poor but loves the Lord with all their heart. The Bible school graduated its 12th student, and it currently has 12 more students studying to help further ministry expansion. 

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