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President’s View

Exciting new days ahead for Baptist Mid-Missions

Sum20 New Look header

A new look for BMM

A new logo to celebrate our 100th anniversary

Sum20 Near Bangassou 1906

1920s: Awakened to the Power of God

Rowena Becker, one of BMM's original six missionaries, saw God's promise played out that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His church.

Sum20 Barbalha church 1950s

1930s–1960s: I Was Blind, but Now I Can See!

Our pioneering Brazil missionaries surmounted incredible barriers to create openings for the gospel.

Sum20 Carl James

1970s–2010s: A Fire Was Kindled

The rural town of Benalla was a small start for Baptist Mid-Missions’ work in Australia … but God did big things.

Sum20 Red Radio Integridad

2010s–2020: Blanketing Peru With the Gospel

The Red Radio Integridad radio network is covering Peru with God's Word even when the pandemic keeps people from attending church.

Sum20 Great Is God

Great Is Our God: 2010s

A decade-by-decade countdown to our 100th anniversary in 2020

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Stewardship Impact

“Certainty in Uncertain Times" plus "Electronic Giving Helps Save!”

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