Our Story

How we began

A burden for the souls of inland Africa 

God burdened William and Genevieve Haas for the souls of Africa and led them to serve there in 1912.  This missionary experience compelled them to seek Him for more workers.  The Haases returned to the US to gather Baptist pastors, and William convincingly presented the opportunity and urgency.  The General Council of Cooperating Baptist Missions of North America, Inc. (now Baptist Mid-Missions) was organized on October 15, 1920, at the First Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio.  Our first group of six missionaries courageously sailed a few weeks later to bring the gospel to French Equatorial Africa.  

A vision for passionate ministry and biblical integrity

William Haas recruited missionaries who embraced a burden for Africans and for sound biblical ministry. At the same time, he encouraged local Baptist churches to send them independently. He was duly concerned by the rise of liberalism and unbiblical compromises made for the sake of manmade unity. The churches joining to organize this new mission shared his commitment to biblical integrity.  By 1922, Haas and 10 other missionaries were on the field of what is presently the Central African Republic.  Overtaken by fever, William Haas died at the village of Bangassou in 1924 and is buried there on Baptist Mid-Missions’ first African station.  

Advancement of the vision worldwide

God has richly multiplied and blessed the vision for Great Commission ministry that William Haas cast before the Baptist pastors and laymen who met together in 1920. Today, nearly 1,000 Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries serve on six continents in more than 55 countries. The work continues because the Lord is faithful to His Word in calling and sending laborers into His fields of harvest.  Until He returns, Baptist Mid-Missions is committed to partnering with independent Baptist churches holding to the fundamental doctrines of the faith as we advance biblical missionary enterprise worldwide.


What does the "Mid" stand for in Baptist Mid-Missions?

Our original name was The General Council of Cooperating Baptist Missions of North America, Inc. Because of this long title, we informally became known as "Mid-Missions" because of our early emphasis on reaching the unevangelized interior (middle) regions of countries. In 1953, our name was formally changed to Baptist Mid-Missions.