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Jewish Outreach Team North America

Of the 15.1 million Jewish people who live worldwide, there are 6.2 million who make North America their home. Even though they live in neighborhoods with Bible-believing churches, they are largely untouched by serious evangelistic effort! Would you take a moment to ask, “What am I doing to reach Jewish people with the gospel?”

The Baptist Mid-Missions Jewish Outreach Team North America is designed to establish compassionate ministries to Jewish people. This team of workers seeks the salvation and ultimate discipleship of Jewish people, establishing them in fundamental Baptist churches. Ministries include missionary apprenticeship programs, Bible study classes, campus ministry, correspondence Bible studies, evangelism at fairs, ministry in hospitals and convalescent homes, "Salute to Israel” Banquets, and literature production and distribution. The Baptist Mid-Missions Jewish Outreach Team can be of help to you, and they can use your help.

Ministry among Jewish people is possible and help is available. For information regarding opportunities and resources, contact Steve Butler. Available resources include:



Reaching God's Chosen PeopleA brochure describing the ministry of the Jewish Outreach Team

Judaica, the Bible, and the ChristianA perspective about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith

Will They Be Ready When He Comes?A challenge for witnessing to the Jewish People

To The Jewish People First!—The biblical priority of reaching the Jewish People with the love of God

The Acts of the Risen Lord, and How to Do ThemHow to reach Jewish People, from the Book of Acts

The Way of Salvation Found and Explained in the Old TestamentA brochure for witnessing



How to Witness to Your Jewish NeighborA helpful booklet for personal witnessing to Jewish people

333 Specific Prophetic Details About the Lord Jesus ChristA booklet for witnessing using prophecy


Training Materials

Is It Nothing to You?—A dramatic video portraying ministry to Jewish people; DVD, 24 minutes

Getting Started in Jewish EvangelismCan be a seminar or be used for personal evangelism training

Resource and Orientation ManualTraining and orientation for churches, laypeople, etc.


Evangelism and Discipleship

Tractsfor sharing the Scriptures with Jewish People

 Large Print Tractsfor sharing the Scriptures with Jewish and Gentile People who need larger print

 Bible Correspondence Courses—for evangelizing and discipling Jewish and Gentile people

For information regarding ordering the materials contact